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Who we are:

Comprised of some of the best guys from the wheel industry and an engineer known for his work with Wheel Pros among other companies, RMR Wheels will bring nothing but the best quality and value at competitive prices. With an experienced staff having hands-on applications experience, we offer the knowledge base needed for all set ups. Feel free to give us a shout with any of your questions!

The Formality:

RMR Wheels enters the Off-Road market with a familiarity that comes with few new brands. The company brings a unique look and feel to the wheels, offering interchangeable nuts on wheel designs, extreme concave designs on others and black/milled finishes. Whether the vehicle is lifted, leveled or stock height, the fitment has been the driving force behind the development of RMR Wheels. Offsets in 20x9 from -12 to +20 and 20x10 -24 to -12 are all of the appropriate back spaces will be available.

The Designs:

When you see a set of RMR Wheels, there's no doubt they're going on your truck. With over one year focused on design alone, these wheels are sure to catch everyone's eye. Offering 5, 6, and 8 spoke designs, ranging from lip designs to concave designs - there is surely something for every enthusiast.

The Goal:

By committing to RMR Wheels - you're going to get the best service, the strongest partnership with a brand, a steady stream of inventory, and of course - world class logistics. Well packaged, protected wheels as well as stylized wheel boxes - these are just a few traits that will identify RMR Wheels on any sales floor.

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